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Stefan Brandt - Quality Advantage

Pichincha in Quito, Ecuador

A New Era of Comfort Wear

Stefan Brandt is synonymous with the finest jersey collections for men and women, produced in a range of unparalleled quality cotton jersey fabrics found nowhere else in the world.

The founder, Dr. Stefan Brandt, has been working on the development of new process technologies since 1994. He finally achieved his breakthrough in 2012. The result is unique cotton fabric qualities that give his products tangible and measurable unique selling points. Today, his innovations are regarded as groundbreaking in the fashion industry.

Our secret lies in our exclusive use of selected bales of Peruvian ELS Pima cotton, also known as "Selected Pima," which we process through disruptive and innovative techniques. The luxurious cotton fabric is then painstakingly perfected using primarily manual techniques and a revolutionary 15-step PREFIT treatment. 
This allows us to unlock the true potential of this "South American silk," creating cotton fabrics that are almost indistinguishable from silk itself.

This fusion of selective raw materials of the highest quality class and new gentle processing techniques allows Stefan Brandt to take the leap in quality from extraordinary to superlative.
Leading companies in Europe, USA and Japan herald this as the dawn of a new era in comfort wear.

Finest Premium Pima Cotton

Distinctive Features

With the most valuable raw materials available on the market, Stefan Brandt drives optimally coordinated process routes. These are supplemented by intricate "in-house" techniques, ensuring wear and care characteristics of a quality hitherto unknown.

Another innovation of Stefan Brandt is the successful application of hand-stitch techniques such as pick stitching in jersey shirts and polos, previously reserved for custom-made clothing.

Distinctive Features of our Knitted Fabrics

The exceptional quality characteristics of our knitwear are founded on the following pillars:

  • Selective manual "ELS" Pima cotton picking: Immature and overripe fibers are NOT picked.
  • Innovative process routes: From the selection during the cotton harvest to the production of the knitted fabrics and subsequent processing, innovative techniques developed in-house are employed.
  • "PREFIT Treatment": Using water, steam, and heat without any chemical additives; in a closed system at over 100°C. This lends further material characteristics to the knitted fabrics that are unmatched to date.
  • Top-quality dyes and additives
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. The substances used are listed in the bluesign® bluefinder for sustainable textile production and also support the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Cradle to Cradle® (EPEA) and the EU Ecolabel.

The gentle processing techniques and the PREFIT treatment can be described as a "15-step process" that is associated with substantial losses in raw material and production capacity. The high effort is a guarantee for uncompromising quality and the following distinctive features:

  • Maximum inherent elasticity and shape stability
  • Tumble dryer suitability, even at 90°C
  • Colour fastness even at temperatures of 60°C
  • Super soft feel similar to Silk, Cashmere
  • Super silky appearance, indistinguishable from Pure Silk 
  • Crease-resistant, practically ironing-free due to the selected ELS Pima Cotton inherent properties.
  • Human wear optimised knitted fabric even suitable for allergy sufferers

Distinctive Features: Design and Tailoring

The style of Stefan Brandt is a tribute to the materials used and the artisanal precision in manufacturing. Stefan Brandt's maxim is to create the perfect product, regardless of all costs. This is reflected in the implementation of intricate hand-stitch techniques, some of which represent innovations in the jersey field and set new standards in tailoring quality:

Pick Stitching: Previously only known from made-to-measure tailoring, this technique is standard at Stefan Brandt. For collars, cuffs, and button plackets, all fabric and fusion linings are hand-stitched with needle and thread before sewing. In the jersey segment, this application is innovative and simultaneously a guarantee for precise fits. In conjunction with the unique knitted fabrics, it results in the extraordinarily soft and symmetrically flowing drape of the fabric.

"In-situ" Measurements: Despite all quality controls, the seamstresses independently verify measurements during the sewing processes to guarantee the highest level of fitting precision.

Templates: All seams requiring exact symmetry are sewn using templates.

Shank Buttons: Our Mother of Pearl buttons are hand-sewn "on the shank" and cross-stitched providing an invisible reverse.

Backside Sewing of Buttons in a Single Point: The sewing of the button at a single, almost visually imperceptible, point is another novelty. The workmanship is so high quality that the button cannot tear off even under high tensile force (the knitted fabric would break first). Rendering a replacement button unnecessary.

The mentioned and numerous other tailoring elements, which conventional industries automate, are consistently hand-sewn at Stefan Brandt. After all, there is no shortcut to excellence.

This unique combination of perfect raw materials and clearly recognizable pure handcraft is what fascinates every connoisseur.

Stefan Brandt - Clientele

Stefan Brandt's products are for those who discern true luxury in artisanal excellence, those in pursuit of uncompromising quality, clean lines, and timeless forms. They are for women and men who seek the finest things in life, cherishing an understated and subtle vision of luxury. They are for people interested in understanding how these products are crafted. They are for those who see beyond the label, recognizing the workers behind the product, who, with dedication and exquisite attention to detail, infuse the soul into the Stefan Brandt label each day. To them, the intrinsic beauty of these garments is revealed.

A Promising Future for Stefan Brandt

As we forge ahead, we remain steadfast in our mission - to create a future where fashion and sustainability coexist, without compromise.

We continue to explore new and innovative ways to improve our products and processes, ensuring that every piece of Stefan Brandt collection is a testament to our vision of a better, more sustainable world.
At Stefan Brandt, we realize that our success is not defined solely by our luxury collections, but by our ability to inspire change. We strive to lead by example, showcasing that quality, luxury, and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but can harmoniously work together.
We look forward to the continued expansion of our brand, extending our reach to even more premium houses worldwide. The growing interest and high esteem from well-respected competitors such as Loro Piana affirm the influence and potential of our brand.
In this exhilarating journey, we are grateful to you, our loyal customers and partners. Your continuous support and belief in our mission motivate us to strive for more. We are humbled by the recognition we've received so far, and we pledge to continue delivering on our promise of unrivaled quality and sustainable luxury.
Stefan Brandt is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle choice, a commitment to utmost quality, sustainability, and innovation.

It is also historic that Dr. Brandt started growing its own luxury cotton in Ecuador in 2022. Peruvian ELS Pima cotton currently still comes exclusively from Peru. The first signs of domestication of this luxury cotton species date back to the early Valdivia phase of the Ecuadorian coast (4400 BC). Dr. Brandt, with the support of the Ecuadorian government, has now cultivated it again for the first time right here, at the place of production.

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