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Our innovations


Since the 2000s, Stefan Brandt has successively launched a series of fundamentally important jersey qualities with unrivaled quality features worldwide. As is so often the case with inventions, Stefan Brandt also took new paths that others judged to be technologically absurd and economically pointless in terms of "human resources".

In 2015, Stefan Brandt succeeded for the first time in processing selected bales of Peruvian ELS (extra long staple) Pima cotton in an innovative process route and to gradually bring out the "South American silk" inherent in the super-fine cotton. This combination of selective raw materials of the highest quality and disruptive technologies, enabled Stefan Brandt to make the quality leap from the extraordinary to the superlative. A new era of wearing comfort began with wearing and care properties of a quality never seen before. To this day, URPIMA® SELECTED is Stefan Brandt's core quality.


Our new ULTRA Jersey quality turned out to be a sensation on the market.

The fabric resembles pure silk haptically and visually, but is 100% finest cotton. At the same time managed to create a knitted structure that allows the removal of moisture, which was previously unknown on the market. The cooling effect (evaporative cooling) is unmatched.

URPIMA® ULTRA guarantees fantastic skin and wearer comfort in all situations where you start to perspire and is therefore fantastically suitable in (humid) warm or (sub-)tropical climates and as a double-volume quality also ideal as underwear for sports (skiing, etc.).

This twisted ULTRA product is now available in different capsules:

  • Finest underwear and sleepwear: on the one hand the line is new, on the other hand we come from the underwear confection and could implement our expertise of the last 30 years in this superlative merchandise.
  • Finest T-shirts, polos and shirts, in single jersey and piquet as well as sweaters in double volume jersey and French Terry.


Thedevelopment of our amazing URPIMA® ULTRA quality was preceded by a chance discovery that perplexed us. Our SUPER 100E quality was born. Perfect for jackets, blazers, pants and shirts.

Ultra-dense, highly elastic and super-comfortable, in 93.5% "selected" Urpima® cotton, with 6.5% elastane. The fabric is semi-permeable, so light rain beads off, this without compromising breathability. A matte mercerization and our unique Prefit treatment make this noble fabric perfect.


With French Terry in linen, Stefan Brandt succeeded in creating a fascinating innovation. On the one hand, the loop structure on the inside delivers a velvety feel against the skin; on the other hand, the temperature and moisture in this structure is optimized in combination with linen. The French Terry structure multiplies the moisture-absorbing (hygroscopic) and thus cooling effect typical of linen. At the same time, the air accumulated in the loop structure between the linen fibers stores body heat. The result is an optimized regulation of temperature and moisture directly on the skin, which even external temperature and humidity fluctuations can not harm.


After the great success with linen, Stefan Brandt developed a French Terry in pure merino wool. As with linen, the loop structure on the inside provides a wonderfully velvety feel against the skin; on the other hand, the temperature is regulated with twice the force: The air accumulated in the loop structure between the wool hairs enhances the natural effect of the wool fiber, which itself contains countless tiny air pockets that also store body heat. The result is optimized regulation to the level of body temperature, which is directly experienced as a pleasant warmth when worn on the skin. And this is independent of the level of activity or external temperature fluctuations. The unique and innovative French Terry structure of this wool acts like a catalyst on the hygroscopic and at the same time hydrophobic merino wool fiber. You have to experience it, preferably as pants or sweater directly on the skin. Especially with the pants, there is also the phenomenon of shape retention. Because of the natural-elastic French Terry knitted fabric, in combination with the highly elastic wool fibers, which act like "molecular coil springs", bulging of the pants at the knees is yesterday's news.


A single jersey in merino wool is nothing new as such at first. But with THIS ultra-fine merino wool jersey Stefan Brandt succeeded in creating another unique knitted fabric. The feel and look is reminiscent of cashmere and silk, but it is an ultra-fine 16 micron virgin merino wool from Australia. Easily machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.

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