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Introducing our three Single Jersey Qualities 30/40/50, composed of 100% finest ELS (Extra Long Staple) Urpima® cotton, resulting in an incredibly soft and silky feel. The numbers represent the yarn fineness; the larger the number, the finer the yarn. With a finer yarn, an even smoother and more silky surface is achieved, while simultaneously reducing the fabric weight.

Our quality in FG is made of a slub cotton in Urpima®, which gives a linen-like appearance, with an outstanding handle.

For our underwear, we utilize the 40E fineness yarn, which consists of Urpima® ELS (Extra Long Staple) cotton blended with 4% elastane, offering exceptional comfort and a perfect fit.

Our fine rib quality FR 30 is made using only 100% Urpima® cotton ELS (Extra Long Staple) and is therefore extremely soft and silky.

Introducing our Urpima® ULTRA qualities: A Sensational Fabric Experience

Discover the epitome of textile innovation with our Urpima® ULTRA - a fabric that exudes the opulence of pure silk while embodying the comforting touch of the finest cotton. A game-changer in the world of textiles, Urpima® ULTRA redefines your perception of comfort and luxury.

Our Urpima® ULTRA's extraordinary knitted structure is designed to wick away moisture with remarkable efficiency, setting the stage for unparalleled evaporative cooling. This groundbreaking fabric offers a supreme cooling effect, making it the go-to choice for humid, warm, and subtropical climates.

As you slip into the comfortable elegance of Urpima® ULTRA, prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled skin and wearing comfort. This versatile fabric is perfect for creating an exceptional experience in various situations, especially when perspiration is inevitable.

Notably, Urpima® ULTRA's double-volume quality makes it an extraordinary option for high-performance sports underwear, including activities such as skiing. Its unique fabric composition ensures that you stay comfortable and dry, no matter the intensity of your endeavors.

Our SUPER 100E quality was the innovation of the year 2021. Ultra-dense, highly elastic and super-comfortable, made of our "selected" Urpima® cotton, with 6.5% elastane. The fabric is semi-permeable, so light rain beads off, this without compromising breathability. A matte mercerization and our unique Prefit treatment make this posh fabric perfect. A wonderful fabric, perfect not only for our jacket, blazer and pants, but also as a shirt, directly on the skin. Incomparable comfort guaranteed.

Our super fabric in 60 and 100 is twisted and mercerized. The fabric therefore has a sheen. Due to our prefit treatment and the extremely uniform Urpima® cotton (selected bales), the elaborate twisting causes only a minimal improvement in dimensional stability and surface compared to our Pima 30 and 50 qualities. The real difference is the additional sheen due to the mercerization. The softness is slightly affected as a result of the mercerization.


In our interlock fabrics, the single jersey qualities 30/50 are knitted with a double surface. The result is a so-called "double jersey" or "interlock fabric". This fabric is due to special in-house techniques exceptionally elastic and ideally suited for loungewear.

Our double jersey made of pure cotton is ideal for ready-made shirts with "more presence" due to its knitted structure.


A classic piquet fabric made of pure Urpima® cotton.
Just like our ULTRA Jersey, our ULTRA Piquet has a knitted structure that was previously unknown on the market. The cooling effect (evaporative cooling) is unmatched. Fantastically suitable for tennis, golf, polo and all sports where the classic piquet is desired in its noblest version and the removal of moisture ("wicking effect") must be relied upon.


A classic piquet fabric made of 69% Urpima® cotton and 31% textured Japanese polyester. The blend creates the special melanged look.


A French Terry knitted fabric is a "sweat fabric" with the typical loop look on the inside. In our case made of 97% finest Urpima® cotton and 3% elastane. Fluffy soft and in 275 g/m2.

It is the same French Terry knitted fabric in URPIMA® with elastane. But this time with twisted yarn (60/2) and additional mercerization. The fabric is shinier and more rigid as a result of the mercerization, so it has more stand and is for customers who want a "made up look".


"Single jerseys" are, in simple terms, t-shirt fabrics. In this case 100% linen. Even without elastane, we achieve a high degree of dimensional stability as a result of the Prefit treatment developed by Stefan Brandt and in-house techniques that give a high degree of inherent elasticity and thus also high dimensional stability.


Here we have added 4% elastane to our linen to guarantee the highest possible shape retention, ideal for shirts and sweaters.
The anexo "STV" stands for "stripes vintage", linen printed with stripes in a vintage look.

MCD stands for "mercerized: An innovation by Stefan Brandt. Mercerization gives the linen fabric a particularly silky look. At the same time, however, it also has exceptional dimensional stability and drying properties. The mercerization of linen is an art of craftsmanship. We currently know of no other company in the world that can offer mercerized linen that is velvety soft and suitable for allergy sufferers.


Another innovation from Stefan Brandt. A unique piquet in linen, with 4% elastane.

MCD stands for "mercerized: An innovation by Stefan Brandt.


This unique sweat fabric, made from 96% finest linen and 4% elastane, is an innovation from Stefan Brandt. The creation of a sweat fabric using linen is a true feat of craftsmanship and is exclusively available at Stefan Brandt worldwide. Experience the exceptional combination of breathability, versatility, and durability offered by our groundbreaking linen blend, providing you with the ultimate balance of elegance and comfort. Envelop yourself in the unparalleled luxury and innovation that only our Stefan Brandt's linen-elastane sweat fabric can offer.

Linen Sweat is already an innovation. Mercerizing this fabric has achieved a double coup.


A French Terry in pure Merino wool is an innovation on the market. One that has it all. On the one hand, the loop structure on the inside delivers a velvety feel against the skin, and on the other hand, the temperature is regulated with double power:
The air trapped between the wool hairs in the loop structure enhances the natural effect of the wool fiber, with its countless tiny air pockets, which also store body heat. The result is an optimized regulation to the level of body temperature, which is directly experienced as a pleasant warmth when worn on the skin. And this is independent of the activity level or external temperature fluctuations.
The unique and innovative French Terry structure of this wool acts like a catalyst on the hygroscopic and at the same time hydrophobic merino wool fiber. You have to experience it, preferably as pants or sweater directly on the skin. Especially with the pants, there is also the phenomenon of shape retention. Due to the naturally elastic French Terry knit (see Prefit treatment, inherent elasticity), in combination with the extremely elastic wool fibers, which act like "molecular spiral springs", bulging of the pants at the knees is a thing of the past.
Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.


With this ultra-fine merino wool jersey, we have succeeded in creating another unique knitted fabric. The feel and look is reminiscent of cashmere and silk, but it is an ultra-fine 16 micron virgin merino wool from Australia. Easily machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.


Ultrafine merino wool with fine viscose. With 4% polyamide for bonding the double knitted fabric.


Finest cashmere with high quality modal and elastane.


Finest jersey made of pure silk.


Finest silk with high quality viscose and elastane.


Finest silk with high quality Tencel and cashmere.

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