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Our innovations

The new ULTRA quality

Our new ULTRA Jersey quality has turned out to be a sensation on the market in recent months.

The fabric resembles pure silk haptically and visually, but is 100% finest cotton. At the same time managed to create a knitted structure that allows the removal of moisture, which was previously unknown on the market. The cooling effect (evaporative cooling) is unmatched.

ULTRA DRY guarantees a fantastic skin and wearing comfort in all situations where you start to perspire and is therefore fantastically suitable in (humid) warm or (sub-)tropical climates and of course sheer sensational as underwear for sports (skiing, etc.). In addition the noble look. A squaring of the circle.

This twisted ULTRA product is now available in different capsules:

  • Finest underwear and sleepwear: on the one hand the line is new, on the other hand we come from the underwear confection and could implement our expertise of the last 30 years in this superlative merchandise.
  • Finest T-shirts, polos and shirts, in single jersey and piquet as well as sweaters in double volume jersey and French Terry.

Test the "ULTRA" performance best under massive load (sports, heat, etc.). You will be perplexed and suspect the fascination this innovation will trigger.

The new SUPER 100E quality

Thedevelopment of our amazing ULTRA quality was preceded by a chance discovery that perplexed us and we don't want to deprive you of it.

Along the way - luckily something went wrong - our SUPER 100E quality was created. We had to rub our eyes when we held them in our hands. Perfect for jackets, jackets, pants and shirts.

Ultra-dense, highly elastic and super-comfortable, made from our "selected" Urpima® cotton, with 6.5% elastane. A matte mercerization and our unique Prefit treatment make this posh fabric perfect. The fabric is semi-permeable, so light rain beads off without affecting the breathability.

A wonderful fabric that guarantees an incomparable feeling of well-being not only as a jacket and trousers, but also as a shirt, directly on the skin.

The unique French Terry Wool (FT WV) quality

A French Terry in pure Merino wool is an innovation on the market; one that has it all. On the one hand, the loop structure on the inside delivers a velvety feel against the skin, and on the other hand, the temperature is regulated with double strength:
The air trapped between the wool hairs in the loop structure enhances the natural effect of the wool fiber, which itself contains countless tiny air pockets that also store body heat. The result is an optimized regulation to the level of body temperature, which is directly experienced as a pleasant warmth when worn on the skin, for example, pants and sweaters. And this regardless of the level of activity or external temperature fluctuations.

The unique and innovative French Terry structure of this wool acts as a catalyst on the hygroscopic and at the same time hydrophobic merino wool fiber. You have to have experienced this, preferably as pants or sweater directly on the skin. Especially with the pants, there is also the phenomenon of shape retention. The naturally elastic French Terry knit (see Prefit treatment, inherent elasticity) in combination with the extremely elastic wool fibers - wool is virtually a "molecular spiral spring" - bulging of the pants at the knees is yesterday's news.

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